The Cycle Of Seasons - Original Writing Essay

The Cycle Of Seasons - Original Writing Essay

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Seeing our lives and our journey, through our call to ministry, is a scenario that I have never thought to take time and think about. But sitting here and reading through Palmer’s illustration, has allowed for me to see my times throughout my calling in the aspect of the four seasons. Through much prayer, listening and thinking, I have been able to draw connections to times in my calling to all four season illustrations. It is almost as if each part of my calling has been in a different season, but those seasons line up into each other to create this beautiful cycle of calling to myself. As Palmer said, “The cycle of seasons reminds us that the journey never ends” (95).
Palmer began talking about the first season in our live/calling: Autumn. Autumn is a season of beauty as well as a season of decline. We see shorter days, light becomes suffused, and we watch as the world decays into winter 's death. For my calling, this was how it all began. My life was in a state of beauty and I could not have asked God for a more beautiful view. My mentor and I had spent many months, at this point, praying and seeking out what God had planned for me. I was headed in the right path. I felt as those I had a true understanding that with life comes death, looking back I was ignoring the arrival of death, but I felts as though I was experiencing that life of true color, fruit and wholeness. Pastoral Ministry appeared, to me as a hurdle I could easily jump over, but then the slow decay happened. It began with the countless fight with a once dear friend. It then lead into the endless fights of my parents, tearing not only my feelings apart but my universe as well, and finally was the transition into the death that we see in the Winter with the death of...

... middle of paper ... into more and more possibilities. I felt that God was trying to tell me that the possibilities I find the season of summer, are just as wonderful as the ones I find in other seasons.
My calling has been through all of the seasons, making me experience many wonderful, heartfelt and overwhelming moments. From the slow decay in autumn, to the brutal death of winters, to the regrowth in spring, and plenty and drought in the summer, my calling has been affected by each, creating this resume of my life. “Seasons is a wise metaphor for the movement of life...It suggest that life is neither a battle field nor a game of chance but something infinitely richer, more promising, more real” (96). Not always is it easy to decide which season of our calling we are in, but it we keep ourselves open and will to hear God, we can triumph and grow into wonderful men and women of God.

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