The Cycad Lodge and Chalets Essay

The Cycad Lodge and Chalets Essay

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The cycad lodge and chalets


The cycad lodge and chalets is in Mpumalanga Nelspruit South Africa.
The sunny Lowveld is the exclusive home of the cycad. They offer personalized service to the guest to make their stay a memorable one. They grantee a magnificent resting place for the body mind and soul. They welcome people for a warm and welcome stay at cycad team members are prevail in excellence services. The cycad lodge provides a range of service to ensure that their guests feel comfortable and at home on their premises.
Task 1 –micro analysis

Who are the customers?
The lodge has variety of customers ranging from business clients to tourists and holiday makers.
Who are the intermediary’s?
They are our insurances companies, labour consultants and accountant Sam travel agents.
Who might be the potential or future guests be?
They have a wide range of customers but our future customers would be companies that sent their employees for training e.g. FNB and other banks book with them and companies that needs conferencing facilities.
Who are the business competitors?
Protea Hotel, Garden Court Hotel and Emotweni Sun.
Who might support you with your raw materials?
 Plants- Montana or any nursery
 Wood _Sappi en they will get a sculpture to slcup for them
 Fabric/ matirals-valancia for decoration
 Water-oasis for all their bottle’s water
What local business can provide in service to the lodge?
 Pool cleaners/or revapersect.

What do you usually do during of peak time?
 They have specials on holiday packages e.g. honeymoon suits etc.
 They have a variety of specials on their foods they have at the restaurant.
 They also do cratering for functions...

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... attractions near by the cycad lodge{accessed: 8th April 2014}
• Cycad lodge and chalets (2010) rooms and packages of the cycad lodge {accessesd:15th Aril 2014}
• Cycad lodge and chalets (2010) pictures of the cycad lodge {accessed: 25th April 2014}
Personal interviews face to face 26th and the 27th March 2014
• Ref: Ziyaad Ameer manager at the cycad lodge
Cell: 0724526947

• Linda Malumane frontline worker
Cell: 07899433688

• Ben Magagula kitchen stuff
Email: -----
Cell: 0715437155

• Charlton Marufie Maintainer and electronic assistances
Cell: 07899433688

• Housekeeping
• Email: Housekeeping@
• Phone: 013 741 5444

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