Cybersecurity: The Importance of Computer Security in Every Business Essay example

Cybersecurity: The Importance of Computer Security in Every Business Essay example

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Cybersecurity is the technology that protects computers and networks from unauthorized personnel. Ever since computers have expanded to homes and the workplace; the need for cyber security has grown exponentially. Millions of people around the world have access to the internet at a given time, and this allows for predators to attack, scam, hack, and intrude on personal and government information. Cybersecurity is designed to counteract these attempts to ultimately allow for safe networks and computers.
Cybersecurity standards have recently been implemented to force organizations to maintain a safe environment and reduce the risk of cyber-attacks. Cyberspace is the “universe” for computers, and depending on how secure one’s system is could determine how well someone could maneuver through cyberspace. Cybersecurity is designed to find these intruders in unwanted areas, by placing barriers and obstacles. Of course cyberspace is an undefined area so it’s possible for people to get around and intrude into other networks.
Cybersecurity is a government institution implemented by Homeland Security. According to the website for Homeland Security, cybersecurity is operated by a team of skilled professionals who will recognize cyber vulnerability and respond as quickly as possible. The security was mainly built for United States defense reasons, but lately has also dealt with issues within the country. Of course its main purpose is to protect the United States and it will continue to do that. It just recently has taken steps to advance to national security as well as personal security. In 2010 the cybersecurity act that was passed was intended to integrate the private and public sector of cybersecurity for optimal use. Hacking int...

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...wrong file could destroy a nation economically, politically, socially, and physically.
Although all of the legal parameters are not presented to the public, they maintain common ethical standards to protect our citizens. I don’t think cybersecurity receives enough recognition for their contribution to this nation’s security. The training is extensive, the skills are mandatory, and the mistakes are catastrophic, so a lot of pressure is placed on the employees in this field. Cybersecurity may never fully be understood by someone who is not tangibly involved, but the dedication and effort cybersecurity provides is priceless. Computer security is a must and without it all things could fall apart.

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