Cybercrime Is A Common Occurrence? Essay

Cybercrime Is A Common Occurrence? Essay

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It’s hard to imagine a place that is never seen but is just has dangerous but that same place gave us great wonders the internet for all the good that it’s brought us it also has a darker side that some of not heard of the dark web or deep web a place where criminals are nameless, faceless and can get into are life’s more intimately then if they were there in person. With are lap tops, phones and other electronics being connected and almost all these devices have cameras built in to them and is connected to the internet It’s easy for someone to spy or go through your personal contacts, even track your movements. The big question is can it be policed and what new technology can be developed to help.
Cybercrime is becoming such a common occurrence now a days that it is now a part of our dictionary. With more and more people using the internet we are seeing more and more crimes going online. One of the fastest type of cybercrime is phishing and it is a person gets an email that looks legit to try to presume the person to indulge or give up privet information (Hoar, 2014) with the growth of cybercrime law enforcement is seeing a need with a taskforce specialized in the tracking and investigating of cybercrimes. The challenge facing this new task force of law enforcement is how to keep up and being one step ahead of the criminals they are chasseing.
The deep web is believed to be 500 times larger than the web that most of us use every day it is hidden behind a paywalls and needs special passwords and software to access. Google indexes no more than 16 percent of the surface Web and misses all of the Deep Web. Any given search turns up just 0.03 percent of the information that exists online one in 3,000 p...

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...aid to have up to 100 professional cyber thievs that have boasted of have chracking Google , Adobe , and Lockheed Martin systems. Anonymizing web browser is a Tor-short for the Onion It provides users acess to the dark web. It also makes it almost impossible for police to trace page requests by using secret pages with .onion Sufxed rather than .coms and these can only be accesed by Tor browser. The dark web alo boasts criminal wikis , and hidden chat rooms Criminal wikis is a skillfully well put together list of hidden sites by categorys such ar Hacks, Markets, Viruses and drugs.( Broadhurst)
A big problem of policing terrorism in cyberspace crimes that are commited is the problem of jurisdiction, constitutional boundaries like freedom of speech and freedom of privacy and 'fear of sharing intelligence ' within the departments of other agencys. (Halder)

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