Essay on CyberCrime in Australia

Essay on CyberCrime in Australia

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Australia is dependent on technology, everything from state security, economics and information collaboration is more accessible resulting in an increased reliance on digital networks. The rapid increase in cyber activity has a symbiotic relationship with cyber crime. The evolving nature of cyber crimes are constantly leaving counter measures obsolete in the face of these new technologies. Australia takes insufficient action against cyber crime, inaction is based on Australia’s previous focus on counter-terrorism. This study will use the Australia’s National Security Strategy 2013 to show the increasing trend towards cyber security. Unfortunately the Australia Government is lacking in the presence of this growing phenomenon. Recently cyber crimes including attacks from Anonymous and Wiki-leaks prove that no network is completely secure. This study will conclude that the exponential growth of the Internet has resulted in an inability to properly manage regardless of the governmental strategies being implemented.

Cyber activity has increased exponentially while security strategies lack behind. Defence funding identifies Australia’s defence priorities over the last decade highlighting counter-terrorism as the biggest security risk . The 2013 National Security Strategy continues to identify counter-terrorism as its main threat. Concern over cyber crime is apparent with the strategy, encouraging integrated policy development , yet the threat has no substantial counter strategy . In recent years the large-scale information breaches release and published online represent the vulnerability of systems including infrastructure. The case studies of Anonymous and Ransomeware raise the question of the Governments ability to counter cyb...

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