CyberCrime: Cybersecurity for Cyberspace Essay

CyberCrime: Cybersecurity for Cyberspace Essay

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Cyberterrorism, is an explosive and heavily volatile act that threatens the very fabric of networking operations of their intended target/s, and guess what, the United States “cyberspace” platform has provided a means of accessing our most secretive, sensitive, including, military tactical operations data. Successful attacks upon the US networking infrastructure would obviously impede governmental operation, more importantly; accessing a wealth of potentially destructive information would have profound implications, thus, Cybersecurity policies must be implemented. Cybersecurity policies create levels and barriers of networking security as their standards, guidelines, and response to potential threats, vulnerabilities, and consequential risk are greatly reduced.
Encompassing the security of “Cyberspace” is an extensive range of threat prevention and reduction techniques designed to thwart attackers from accessing the networking infrastructure. Cyberspace by definition is a platform in which communication through technology occurs. Thwarted with dangers that pose extreme risk, Cyberspace has become the premier criminal activity platform due to its perpetual anonymity resulting in the harm to another entities technology, commuters/servers, as well as storage databases. This policy proposal shall minimize vulnerability, increase prevention and deterrence while providing incident response standards and practices including perpetrator accountability (House, 2014).

Section I: Description of Policy
This “Cybersecurity” Policy sets forth the written rule and regulation of the .gov domain networking infrastructure conduct, network security disciplines, as well as type of threats, risks, and vulnerabilities in which investiga...

... middle of paper ...

...esident Barack Obama:
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