Essay Cybercrime And Social Media Are Impacting Society

Essay Cybercrime And Social Media Are Impacting Society

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Cybercrime and social media are global problems which are impacting society. Today, people have more access to computers and internet than before, therefore, attacking social medias with criminal activities is a modern way for criminals. There are different strategies or practices by different countries to combat with cybercrime. However, identity theft, cyberbullying and phishing are three type of cybercrimes which are impacting social networking websites in many different ways.

There are many factors that performidentity theft in social medias. One of the most important is the lack of user knowledge about the social media or website they are using. Social medias such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, among others have many insecurities data for their user. According to Javelin Strategy and research report (2012), there are different forms to be victim of fraud but “social media and mobile behaviors made users more vulnerable to fraud. Users of social networking services, such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and twitter, had the highest incidence of fraud. Consumers who actively engage with social media utilize a smartphone were found to have a disproportionate rate of identity fraud than consumers who do not engage in these mediums”, (p.1).Consumers tend to check in, publish favorite restaurants, favorite places, all their favorite kind of things unknowing that this give perpetrator more than a hint to steal their personal data. For example, in Facebook many users online publish their date of birth, high school attended, college information and the name of their pet which most of the time are the common names for their security question, presents Javelin Strategy.

Phishing is a cybercrime which is seen more often in social media...

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...ul to see how everyday in the news Many kids are killing themselves just because they are being victim of cyberbullying.

Technology and social medias had empowered our society to see more crime through out the internet elevating an easy way for criminals to commit their offenses such as Identity theft, phishing and cyberbullying. It is important to know that anyone could experience a way of being victim of any of these cybercrimes in social media. The point of no having so much knowledge about social media make a user an ease target of cybercrimes and fraudsters more alert of committing any of these crime. People tend to publish many personal data or let their kids use social networking sites as if this were trustful websites. The global community must learn that there are several steps that prevents people of being a victim of these cybercrimes in social media.

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