Cyberbullying : Schools Should Have Policies Where They Address The Issue Of Cyberbullying

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Today in our schools cyberbullying is something that happens often. Cyberbullying in when a child bullies another child by using the internet or some type of technology. This is something that is affecting schools today. Since this is likely to happen in our around schools, schools should have policies where they address the issue of cyberbullying. According to New York State laws, we have an act called, The Dignity for All Students Act (DASA). The Dignity for All Student’s Act is an act that “strives to provide New York State students with a safe and understanding setting free from discrimination, intimidation, taunting, harassment, and bullying on school property”. This act was passed in 2010 to ensure that all elementary and secondary schools are able to protect the students. First and for most all schools should discuss with their students what is cyberbullying. Some students might not know what bullying/ cyberbullying is and that they are hurting other students. According to my school district, which is in Manhattan they have an action plan that they are required to take once they find out that a student has been bullied. The first step that the they must take is they must make an analysis of the situation. Meaning the teachers or faculty must look into the situation when a student has brought it up. The second step that the school has made is prevention measures. In which they can come up with rules and they can educate the students on how to use the technology appropriately so, that cyberbullying will not occur. Another action plan that this school has is to encourage the parents to collaborate with the school. By having the parents collaborate they can create a safe environment for the students. Schools can also send h... ... middle of paper ... ...e a statement about the video and requested that she delete the video from the website. J.C sued the school district because she felt that this was a violation of the First Amendment and this video was taken off of the school guards therefore they cannot punish her for this. From this case J.C had won for the reason that the video was not considered a distraction to the school’s suspension of J.C. From this case it is seen that the school cannot really do nothing if something is to happen off of school grounds. It is important to report any bullying behavior. Even if it was on or off school property. It is important to do for the reason that if the school cannot get involved, then maybe they can have someone else get involved like the police. Students need to know that bullying should not be tolerated under any circumstance. By speaking up something can be done.
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