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The experiences of America’s youth has changed significantly over the last two decades. One of the greatest changes is the advancements and accessibility of technology. Although these advancements are beneficial to society; there are instances of dismay, especially as it pertains to bullying. Cyberbullying in resents years has become a hot topic because of the severity of some cases brought to the public’s attention. There are many reasons for cyberbullying and the results may be life-threatening.

Cyberbullying started with the use of chat rooms that were available to users through various websites and internet providers. With these new platforms, teens were able to express themselves on the basis of anonymity. There was little to no monitoring of these sites and insults were very likely to come from people that one had never met and did not know the names of. Soon after, there was the creation of Social Networks. These sites are more personalized profiles that provide a platform for people to express themselves as well as share social events with others. Cyberbullying was not a problem before the internet became a household necessity, however, traditional bullying (face-to-face) did exist, but was limited to physical interaction. According to Strom, P. and R. Strom “Cyberspace represents new territory for peer mistreatment” (36). Because cyberbullying affects teens in an emotional and psychological manner, more attention has been drawn to the issue.

The reasoning behind cyberbullying is vast and is not fully understood. Cyberbullying like traditional bullying is typically the result of anger. According to authors’ Hoff and Mitchell cyberbullying can stem from social relationship strains suc...

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