Cyberbullying Is A New Form Of Bullying Essay

Cyberbullying Is A New Form Of Bullying Essay

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The act of bullying has been present in children’s life throughout time. It has been seen in movies, books, and even real life situations. In recent years there has been in increase in the use of technology and the Internet. As a result a new type of bullying has been introduced to today’s generation of teenagers. This new type of bullying is known as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying has a negative impact on the lives of the teenagers that experience it.
Cyberbullying is a new form of bullying that has developed through the increase in the use of technology throughout recent years. It is bullying that occurs through technological devices such as computers, phones, and any form of communication. For example, a teenager can be bullied by a peer through a social network or even by a simple text message. Although cyberbullying is still an act that is used in order to offend or harass others, it is still different from the regular bullying. A teenager is vulnerable to cyberbullying 24 hours a day and 7 days a week because it is performed through the Internet and it can sometimes be done anonymously. Cyberbullying has a negative impact on teenagers that can result in skipping school, having lower self-esteem, having health issues, falling into peer pressure, and even academic downfall.
Teenagers that are victims of cyberbullying are usually impacted in a negative way by the act. They go through difficult times because others constantly harass them until it is just too much for them to handle. Resulting in self-harm or even suicide in some occasions. An example of a teenager being affected by cyberbullying is the Tyler Clementi case that occurred in 2010. According to, “It was during the summer after his high school...

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...ully is a major problem in today’s generation there are still many ways in which it can be prevented. According to Heidi Vandebosch and Katrein Van Cleemput cyberbullying it can be prevented by “informing parents about new media and encouraging them to be involved with their child’s Internet” (Conclusion). This would be a step forward in order to stop cyberbullying in today’s society.
Teenagers that are victims of cyberbullying experience a negative impact in their lives. In certain occasions it has resulted in hurtful situations or even suicide. There has been an increase in cyberbullying due to the fact that people are becoming dependent of technological devices in order to function properly in today’s society. This is what has lead to the new form of bullying. Although anyone can be affected by cyberbullying at any time of the day, it can still be prevented.

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