Essay on Cyberbullying And Bullying : A Normal Girl Living Her Life

Essay on Cyberbullying And Bullying : A Normal Girl Living Her Life

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Megan Meier was just a normal girl living her life. She struggled with attention deficit disorder, depression and had some issues with her weight. Just like any normal teenage girl, she took part in social media, MySpace specifically. Megan began talking to a boy a couple years older than her named Josh Evan. Since Megan struggled with her weight all her life, she often had issues with her self-esteem. Josh made her feel beautiful and accepted. They talked regularly but never got to see each other in person. One day Josh decided he no longer wanted to talk to Megan and began to say harsh comments to her like, “The world would be a better place without you.”. Shortly after Josh began making comments more classmates joined in. This went on for five weeks, but one day in October 2006, Megans mother, Tina, found Megan hanging in her bedroom closet. Since that day, Megans mother has founded the “Megan Meier Foundation” in support of preventing teens from Cyberbullying and bullying. Cyberbullying has become one of the largest issues on social media today. It has no place in our society and on our social media sites.
When the social media movement began around 10 years ago it took the world by storm. There was never anything like it in our society before and when it was introduced people were amazed. It made connecting with people close to you a million times easier and it also gave people a new way of expressing themselves. This new way of communicating changed our culture. Social media is a never ending cycle, “Yet as one outgrows its, another come on board.” (Lee 153). Not only that, but it separated generations. Each generation has its own ways of talking and communicating. As stated in the essay Social sites are Becoming Too Much ...

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...ife, and many other things. Social media is not a place to make someone feel lesser and it is definitely not a place to threaten or hurt someone.
With over a billion people taking part in this social media driven culture, it is easy to connect with many people with just a click of a button. However, there have been continuous issues arising from this easy way of communication. Cyberbullying and misconceptions have become some of our biggest problems. They are two of the things that we have to keep an eye open for when browsing these networks. The correct way to use social media is by being respectful and responsible for what you post. Cyberbullying has the ability to destroy lives, not only the lives of the victims but of the families and friends of the victims. There is no place for cyberbullying on our social media sites let alone in our society.

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