Cyberbullying : A Terrible Problem On The Internet For Many Young Children Everywhere

Cyberbullying : A Terrible Problem On The Internet For Many Young Children Everywhere

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Over the course of the past few decades, the world has seen a great deal of technological advancement. However, with this wave of new technology, the emergence of a new and serious form of harassment has come to light. It is the intention of this paper to discuss what has become a very terrible problem on the internet for many young children everywhere: cyberbullying.
The act of bullying itself is defined as “unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance” (What Is Bullying?) and can include actions such as spreading gossip, making threats, and even causing physical damage to another person. The website Bullying Statistics defines bullying eloquently in the quote below:
There are several ways that bullying can take place including verbal, physical, cyberbullying and indirect bullying. Physically being bullied usually entails some sort of physical assault or attack, or can also include having one 's personal property destroyed or stolen. Verbal bullying arises from name calling that may be done because of a person 's gender, sexual orientation, minority status, race, religious, etc. Indirect bullying is one of the most common types of bullying is the type of bullying that many people may do without even realizing it. Indirect bullying includes spreading stories and rumors about a person behind his or her back as well as exclusion from social groups. Cyber bullying can also fall into the category of indirect bullying, but includes bullying that is done over any type of electronic medium like text messaging, email, pictures sent via text or email, websites, blogs, message boards, chat-rooms and instant messaging.

Cyberbullying is merely the extension of this behavior into...

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...his, it is clearly ineffective if such a large portion of children are still suffering.
Another possibility would be to foster a better environment for victims to report the injustices done to them. A common saying among modern society is “snitches get stitches”. For some reason, people have come to believe that reporting bad things that happens reflects poorly on their character when they should, in fact, be free to tell these sorts of things to trusted people. Finally, there could simply be steeper consequences for participating in cyberbullying. There’s nothing quite as effective at scaring kids as the looming fear of real, tangible consequences for hurting another.
In closing, it is the moral duty of any government to protect its youth from those with ill intent, and it should actively work to adapt policies to help those that are suffering from harassment.

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