Cyber warfare: The past present and future Essay

Cyber warfare: The past present and future Essay

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The branches of the military, for a couple generations, have always been the Army, Navy, Air force, Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard; however, in an ever evolving digital world, the notion that outer space would be the next military front is being rapidly replaced by the idea that cyber space will be the next arms race. The United States has been defending attacks on their infrastructure day after day, night after night, when one hacker on one side of the world sleeps, another takes their place to attempt to compromise the US government. The motives may range from a political ‘hacktivist’ trying to prove a point, to an economic spy, trying to gain a competitive edge on its more upstart rivals, to an attempt to control the United States ‘smart’ power grid, giving a nation an advantage in case of an external armed conflict. With all of those types of conflicts going on at the same time, relentlessly, and growing more complex every day, the United States has to step up its game in order to survive, and the government is planning its cyber strategy accordingly. In November 16, 2011, according to an unclassified cyber-security bulletin, the United States government for the first time ever will allow offensive cyber retaliation, something that china has been doing for years; the retaliation order from the United States, however must include an approval by the president (Parnell). The United States government said they are now working on the cyber rules of engagement for this new battle “Domain” as they called it. Governments around the world are gearing up for it, but the definition of cyber warfare is a little bit hazy. Richard A. Clarke defines it in 2011 in his book Cyber War as "actions by a nation-state to penetrate another nation...

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