Essay about Cyber Warfare : The New Frontier

Essay about Cyber Warfare : The New Frontier

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Andrew Massung
Mr. Wyse
ENC 1101
15 October 2015
Cyber Warfare: the New Frontier
Since the beginning of time, mankind has waged war against each other. Over the years warfare has evolved, from fighting with sticks and stones to using gunpowder and launching missiles. The newest, and possibly most destructive, type of warfare is cyber warfare. Cyber warfare has the possibility to be more devastating than nuclear warfare.
The world is in another cold war, except this time countries are battling for cyber supremacy. Cyberspace is a massive land of ever changing technology and personal interaction (McGuffin and Mitchell 1). Cyberspace is not only a place that people post pictures and update their profile, but it also plays an enormous role in running a country. Advanced countries use computers to guide their military, keep track of citizens, run their power grids, and hold plans for nuclear devices and nuclear power. Risks to commercial and government concerns are now being noticed and many countries are taking actions to prevent such threats (McGuffin and Mitchell 1). Many countries have already embraced the power of cyber space. “In Japan, a new strategy has been put forward that includes the use of cyber space in defense policy and military doctrine” (Olender 1). The strange thing about cyber warfare is that the larger and more advanced countries are the countries that are most at risk. Those countries such as the United States have become so dependent on technology that if they were attacked, they would have the most to lose. The larger countries such as Great Britain, Russia. United States, and Canada have entire power grids that are controlled through computers. So if another country were to hack into the server and shut dow...

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...type of warfare is cyber warfare. Cyber warfare has the possibility to be more destructive than nuclear war.

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