Essay on Cyber Violence And Cyber Security

Essay on Cyber Violence And Cyber Security

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Cyber security is like trying to box while being blindfolded.. Cyber instability may cause massive panic in citizens of the United States. Government surveillance is one of the platforms of cyber security and it started to erupt after the 9/11 incident. The main ways the government watches people today is with cell phone, social media, and email surveillance. Should they be able to invade our privacy? Maybe. Many crimes are committed on computers everyday whether it be credit card hacks, stolen identities, or even social media accounts taken. Cyber attacks may lead people to distrust the cyber community and the people behind cyber protection.
With security being a major part of our country 's problems, the government is cracking down on the people of the country more than ever. Since the security of the country is questionable, the government has begun to collect all the cell phone information they can on everyone. Doing this just in case a problem arises and they need the latest cell phone calls, texts, or websites visited. Is that right? Maybe. It seems like they do not trust anybody after the 9/11 incident. When the government has possession of all cell phone records and text messages they can keep all of this sensitive information without you ever knowing they bent the rules of the constitution and collected it. The first amendment gives all people in the United States the freedom of speech, which would be violated if the government is checking people 's cell phone calls, texts, and emails. If the government finds anything they think is suspicious they can keep anyone off of flights, freeze bank accounts, and keep people from getting certain jobs.
The unreliability of technology is becoming more apparent with the growing...

... middle of paper ... an electronic communication (Wikipedia). This led to government officials shutting down most alerts on employee accounts to prevent this form of hacking. Phishing is often present in emails mostly. Such as if someone was to receive an email from their boss on an important task the hacker could have hidden malware in the email. Then even though they opened what appeared to be an informational email from their boss they let a hacker into their computers and they will be able to access anything on your computer they have the skills to acquire.
Cyber security is a problem for every asset of the government and the country. Whether it be through phishing, hacking, or planting malware. The government is spending countless hours trying to stop these stealth attacks. Next time there is an opportunity try having someone box anyone while one of them is wearing a blindfold.

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