Essay on The Cyber Security Of Communications Systems

Essay on The Cyber Security Of Communications Systems

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The cyber security of communications systems is the vulnerability of our communications to information welfare. Communications systems are a critical component of our national security and emergency preparedness resources. Information exchange through voice data, video, and internet connectivity are the major supporting factors and constitute an important part of the overall national critical infrastructure. There are many different jobs within this field that require a broad range of knowledge, skills and abilities. As a college student, when looking for pathways or different programs into cyber security make sure to research and pick your focus, then you can become an expert in that area. Cyber security positions are in high demand, but don’t use that as an excuse to take the easy way in. Now more than ever we need highly educated and experienced workers to help make our critical infrastructure more secure.
Disruptions in the networks and lapses in security now place lives, jobs, our economy, and well-being at risk. Cyber security protects the information that flows through broadband communications networks. Individuals are constantly using email or online websites and we need to ensure that it remains “private to preventing foreign governments from infiltrating our Nation’s most critical infrastructure,” says Bill Lane. Just this year in July the U.S. was on top of three on four categories for the second month in a row (as seen in the chart on the next page).
A simple trip to the ATM, filing our taxes online, filling out employment forms, or even checking out at the grocery store can change the trajectory of our finances in mere seconds. In June, hackers were able to procure 100,000 tax returns and requested 15,000 fra...

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...ty threat becomes an actual attack? If the entity is insured, the entity should be able to rely on its insurance policy to cover the loss, but if the entity fails to give the insurer timely notice in the manner of conforming the term of policy, the insurer may disclaim coverage. The insured may have little information and the insurer will insist it is not in light of the minimalist nature of the unclassified report. The government may know the details of the planned attack and give out information to advert the danger, but could back fire and end up jeopardizing the entity’s ability to recover from any loss. Simple ways people could keep personal information safe online is by setting strong passwords, keeping everything up to date by installing updates, limit personal information posted online and use privacy settings, and avoid things that are too good to be true.

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