Cyber Security Is The Protection Of Networks, Computers, Programs And Data

Cyber Security Is The Protection Of Networks, Computers, Programs And Data

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Cyber security is the protection of networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. This is important because a great number of our confidential information is on computers and transmit that data across networks to other computers. As of now cyber-attack is one of the transnational issues that we are concern about in the United States. If these private networks were hack our national security infrastructure will be in distress.
Cyber security is operating through the Department of homeland security (DHS) privacy office and the component privacy offices. The department of homeland security integrates privacy protection into our cyber security while the National protection and program Directorate (NPPD) manages our risk- reduction mission, which includes the protection of physical and cyber infrastructure. Though a driven approach, cyber security division (CSD) creates and deploys information resources- standards, framework, tools and technologies to enable seamless and secure interaction among homeland security stakeholder. With its federal partners, CSD is working to strengthen capabilities to communicate, share, visualize, analyze and protect information.
Even with all these plans in place our national security is still organized to fight the cold war which has nothing to do with our issues today. Because of this dysfunctional intelligence community our national infrastructure is not able to react or handle cyber-attack as quickly as they should therefore; our national security is not as effective when it comes to cyber security. The result of our national security being unable to handle cyber-attack put the nation at risk of being vulnerable. The intelligence community needs to be organized to...

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... the intelligence community can do at this point is prepare the nation for future cyber-attack. DHS needs to recognize cyber security challenges and address them. DHS also need to collaborate with government entities about cyber threats. As for the government they should be updating network every 6 months to decrease the possible of invade.
Overall, our national security infrastructure is still function to fight the cold war which does nothing to help our current issues. Our intelligence community needs to be reorganized to handle current transnational issues like cyber-attacks. Otherwise, the nation is vulnerable. Without the proper actions in places out national infrastructure will crush therefore, we need to understand the current challenges, organized the national security to protect against these challenges that threat our nation then they should address them.

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