Essay about Cyber Security Field Of The Computer Science

Essay about Cyber Security Field Of The Computer Science

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To: Incoming Computer Science Students
From: Christopher Beberness
Subject: Vulnerability Assessment Analysis
Date: October 8, 2016


The vulnerability assessment is used in the cyber security field of the computer science. The purpose of this report template is to effectively convey information conducted from a penetration test on a company’s network.


The vulnerability assessment report is comprised of any exploit or possible weaknesses found in a company’s network while conducting a penetration test as well as a level of risk and how it can be addressed [2]. A penetration test is usually performed by an internal team member to exploit vulnerabilities that they find within a network. Penetration test is like a software attack targeted towards a computer system where it can look for a security weakness or a particular goal [1]. The test will try different ways to attain the desired goal. Once a security weakness or a particular goal is acquired a vulnerability assessment report is then filled out. The employee who conducted the test has to give a detailed expiation of the methods and tests they used to find the desired exploit [2]. Along with a level of risk and a description of the impact that exploit could have to the company [2]. When a vulnerability assessment is done it is usually giving to a IT Director or a technical leader who will then assess the problem and try to fix it based off of the communication within the report [1].

Daniel DeCloss is Director of IT Security at Scentsy incorporated in Meridian, Idaho. After Daniel graduated from Northwest Nazarene University with a bachelor in computer science, he went on to further his education and joined the Naval Postgraduate School [1]. There he receive...

... middle of paper ...

...echnical details provide in the report. However, an audience for other reports, emails, memos, and letters might not know a lot of technical detail and should be taken into consideration [1]. The writing has to make sense to someone who might not have the same job you.

In order to set oneself apart from others in the cyber security field is to learn how to write and read code. In the interview, Daniel recommended learning programs like as C++, Python, and Java script [1]. These skills will provide a better understanding of computer programs that one might be trying protecting or trying to hack into. Trying to protect data or hack without the skills of understanding computer programs will be more difficult. Learning these skills will also open a lot more opportunities in the field. Internships will also look for characteristics like these when deciding to hire [1].

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