Cyber Security Business Continuity Plan Essay

Cyber Security Business Continuity Plan Essay

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Cyber Security Business Continuity Plan

The cyber security department will ensure that the organization will have continual protected access to the organization’s network. The protected access of the network will be available 24 hours a day and 7 days out of the week. The protected access will also be available during emergencies. Emergencies will not hamper or hinder the organization’s ability to access the network. Arrangements have been put in place for emergencies to have protected access to the network. The cyber security department will continual strive to improve their services. “Cyber-attacks on a Process Control Network (PCN) pose a risk to the operation” (Henry, 2009, p.223). The uninterrupted, protected access to the organization’s network is the top priority of the cyber security department.
Risk Analysis
Network hackers are forever inventing ways to break into the computer systems of organizations. Their aim is to take adventure of the susceptibilities of the system. Hackers remain only limited by the created activity of their minds. Hackers have the time, capability, and experience to infra trace any system. The organization has the responsibility to prevent hackers from infra tracing their system. Organizations remain required to plan for the assaults of hackers. Organization can only be better prepared to defend against hackers, if the organization has taken the necessary action to hinder the hackers’ assaults. There remain various ways in which an organization can prepare to do battle with hackers. The first step to battling hackers is for the organization to have an excellent understanding of its abilities and capabilities. Security analysis systems remain invented to aid organizations in the process of un...

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...artment is also devoted to employ the latest technology and methodology to maintain and operate the organization’s network. Emergencies will not interrupt the operation of the organization’s network. The network will remain available at all times. The protection and continual operation on the network is top priority for the cyber security department. The cyber security department will protect the organization’s network with the best interest of the organization as their principle.

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