Cyber Security Are Better Than Just Information Technology ( I.t ) Professionals

Cyber Security Are Better Than Just Information Technology ( I.t ) Professionals

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As hackers begin to be a threat to companies and governments a new field of work called cyber security emerged. With this new workforce, companies need more than just Information Technology (I.T) professionals because cyber security includes all realms of Information Technology. To make up for the lack of cyber security professionals academic institutions started implementing cyber security degrees that go by many names such as an Information Security Assurance degree. Although, the relevancy of cyber security degrees are debated, employees with the degree are better prepared for their careers and more valuable to their employers than those without degrees.
Through research, it was proven by professionals that employees are better prepared for their work in the information security assurance field. Employees are better suited for cyber security positions with a degree in cyber security because of what the course work consists of. For example, In a peer-reviewed article called “Towards Changes in Information Security Education” which is written by three professionals their names are Mariana Hentea, Harpal S. Dhillon , and Manpreet Dhillon. The three are cyber security specialist and in their article, it mentions “An educational system that cultivates an appropriate knowledge of computer security will increase the likelihood that the next generation of Information Technology (IT) workers will have the background needed to design and develop systems that are engineered to be reliable and secure.” (222) The text means with the right cyber security degree emphasizing the right course work an employee could be better suited for the cyber security field. The types of course work to make an employee better qualified is shown in the articl...

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... programs like it, should consider adding human factors coursework as a requirement into the program.” (10) If an employee who went to one of these colleges that were awarded the Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education the employee will have undergone rigorous course work to earn their degree which would make them more versatile in their workplace and likely for a promotion.
With research, it is proven by professionals that with the right cyber security degree an employee can be better prepared for their career in the cyber security than those without a degree. The degree must be a recognized program by the National Security Agency and that will make the degree relevant to the workforce as the program has gone under a rigid review. Thanks to professional research showing with the right cyber security degree a career in the cyber security field can be in reach.

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