Cyber Media And Its Effects On The 21st Century Essay

Cyber Media And Its Effects On The 21st Century Essay

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Technology and innovation in the 21st century demonstrate an effective means for people to communication and interaction effectively with one another eliminating time and space restriction. The chat room, emails, blogs, social media websites such as Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram and texting provide the opportunity for individuals who would otherwise have no access to them making cell phones and the internet very popular across the generation (Siegel, 2010). Many people use the cyber medium for diverse purposes including academics, business, social or entertainment motives. However, some individuals used cyberspace for malevolent reasons targeting unsuspecting individuals most youth, at risk for being afflicted (Siegel, 2010). Hence, due to the many forms that online aggression can take it has become a growing social problem particularly for teens. Although schools have been rigorous in their efforts to curb cyber abuse by developing policies and installing filtering software for websites presenting a new discussion about digital safety, abuse, and bullying, however, cyberbullying persists. (Siegel, 2010).
Cyberbullying is an aggressive and intentional act carried out by an individual or a group of people using an electronic form of contact made over a period and against victims who are unable to defend themselves (Griggs, 2010). Also, this definition of cyberbullying is associated with the traditional definition of bullying in which an individual or a group of people demonstrate repetitive and aggressive behavior towards an individual or group of people with an imbalance of power (Griggs, 2010). However, both definition shares some similarities and differences and a major similarity shared is the intent to harm the victim. Also, a...

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... been proven effective for alleviating cyber aggressive behavior. Also, since online predators usually seek unsuspecting and vulnerable youth, hence, social modeling may offer a viable means of informing and educating the youth on how to identify and handle this form of online aggression (Zimmermna & Ybarra, 2016). Also, since youths can learn through vicarious or observational learning, it is essential for caregivers, teachers and other influential people present in the life of the teenager to provide a direct experience or mock trials in which they mimic cyberbully aggressive behavior. This provides the youth with information on what to do if they find themselves in a cyberbullying situation (Siegel, 2010). Hence, if more behavior modification programs are enacted and parents serving as social models for their youths, incidents of online aggression should decline.

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