Cyber Bullying : It Is Real And It Really Hurts Essay

Cyber Bullying : It Is Real And It Really Hurts Essay

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Cyber bullying: It is Real and it Really Hurts
What exactly is cyber bullying? “Cyber bullying is when a child, preteen, or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones” (“What”). There are many leading factors that may cause children and adolescents to turn to cyber bullying. Cyberbullying can cause severe emotional health issues. There are many crucial signs to look for when trying to detect a victim of cyber bullying. People are continually searching for solutions to stop cyber bullying. Cyber bullying may seem like nothing since there is no physical contact, but in reality it can hurt even more than the actual thing.
For years now scientist have been trying to find the leading cause of cyber bullying. Anger, revenge, or frustration often motivates people to cyber bully (“Why”). Many thrive off the reaction that they get from cyber bullying someone. “The Power-hungry do it to torment others and for their ego” (“Why”). Nerds or the socially awkward are the main targets of cyber bullies. Cyber bullying maybe a way to seek out revenge. There is a predisposition for some kids who are victims of harassment to find a way to strike back. By cyber bullying others, they feel a sense of relief from what they experienced. Cyber bullying often revolves around a person’s social status at school. Someone might cyber bully another who excels academically because, they are jealous of the other person superior intellect. A girl might cyber bully another girl simply over a guy that they both like. Kids, who are bored and seeking entertainment, will sometimes resort to cyber bullying, to spice thi...

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...tion because they are afraid of getting their internet privileges taken away (Cowie). If parents figure out that their children are being cyber bullied, they should talk to them about what is going on and try to figure out a way to stop it. No one knows how to resolve a situation without understanding it fully first. The best thing to do is help strengthen up his or her self-confidence so that they can work through the situation.
Even though cyber bullying involves no physical contact, it can affect people even more than the traditional form of bullying. Many factors play a role in driving children and adolescents to cyber bully. The child or adolescent’s mental health can be in grave danger because of cyber bullying. Knowing the warning signs of someone being cyber bullied is important, so that it can be stopped. The search to stop cyber bullying is never ending.

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