Cyber Bullying : An Epidemic Problem Essay

Cyber Bullying : An Epidemic Problem Essay

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With the vast production of technology and its easily accessible social networking cyber bullying has become more of an uprising problem. Bullying is broadly defined as intentional and repeated acts of aggression that take physical (e.g., hitting, theft), verbal (e.g., harassment, threats, name calling), and relational (e.g., spreading rumors, influencing social relationships).( Bradshaw, C) Now with the technology and online social sites, online harassment called cyber bullying has now become another way a bully can get thru to their victim. Perpetrators of cyber bullying enjoy a degree of anonymity and invisibility that is not always possible with more traditional or face-to-face forms of bullying, and which also can make them less aware of the impact of their behavior on victims. (Bonanno, R., & Hymel, S.)The whole concept of bullying is viewed as only the victim and bully yet there are three people who are part of cyber bullying. In this case more than others but yet all still play the role for example you would have the bully the victim and the bystander. A bystander is defined as a person who is present at an event or incident but does not take part. Yet all three are different they are all in the same situation and somehow contribute to it.
Cyber bullying can be looked thru the norms looking at our expectations rules and standards of behavior. (Chapter 2 Culture) By looking at the norms you quickly put together how cyber bullying does not fit in to society’s norms there for making it somewhat a taboo to do. With it being wrong why people still proceed to do harm to others could then be looked at. Away sociology may look at this situation would be to look at the social class, how was the child brought up as well as many oth...

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...s the bystander play any role into this.
The bystander has the option to help but most seem to be unsure of how to approach the situation. In my interview with the bystander she said “I wish I could have had the guts to stand up for her but I felt like if I did they would turn back and focus on me and start picking on me.” The fear of the bullying turning on them is an effect a bully has in the bystander. Also in my interview she mentioned saying “you just feel this intense sense of guilty-ness feeling like it’s your fault that it’s happing.” Thus showing bystanders of bullying are also affected bystanders score at about the same level as people experiencing severely life-threatening events, such as floods or fires.( Kuykendall, S.) Thus concluding that all three the bully the victim and bystander all play a part of cyber bullying and all are affected by the bully.

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