Cyber Bullies And The Routine Activity Theory Essay example

Cyber Bullies And The Routine Activity Theory Essay example

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The Routine Activity Theory states that there is a higher likelihood for a crime to occur when offenders are motivated to commit a crime; when there is an individual who is an easy target; and there is no person to oversee that the laws in place are not violated. This theory offers a theoretical perspective on why individual bully others on cyberspace, it offers an insight into the different reasons why different people are cyber bullies. According to the theorists, bullies need to be motivated in order to commit to executing such a crime. The most suitable target for cyber bullies are individuals who are impersonators or they might be individuals who are unaware of who the perpetrators are. In addition, bullies might have incriminating photographs or written articles that can be used to ruin a victim’s reputation. All in all, cyber bullies see an opportunity to bully an individual and because it is difficult to monitor cyberbullying online they can easily bully their victims over and over again.
Routine Activity Theory is an important and useful tool when analyzing the different cyberbullying experiences adolescents goes through. Based on the basic principles of the theory, it is evident that there are a lot of individuals who spend their time online communicating with others and sharing personal information with a wide range of individuals. A lot of individuals who engage actively on social media platforms often are at a higher risk of experiencing online harassment and bullying.
Technology is constantly changing due to the technological advancements and with these changes the society is constantly changing its activity pattern. Due to the digital technology advancements, individuals who are confident in their Internet and comp...

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...y. The nature of cyberbullying forces a victim to endure repeated attacks and suffer constantly due to the fact that information, pictures, audio and video tapes of the victim can be recirculated all over social media outlets over and over again. Additionally, the victim sometimes can end up being the bully this is because technology makes it easier for individuals to anonymously bully some from the privacy of their own home. Although there are laws that have been enacted to protect people from cyber bullies and it is easier to punish perpetrators when found guilty of committing cyber bullying crimes. It is important that there is an early intervention to ensure young people who are potential victims are kept safe and cyberbullying victims’ safety is ensured after experiencing bullying.
The choice theory claims that behavior is a byproduct of internal factors and a p

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