Cyber Attacks Against The United States From A Foreign Country Provide A Strong Case For Cyber Security

Cyber Attacks Against The United States From A Foreign Country Provide A Strong Case For Cyber Security

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Today’s user is plagued with crime that is challenging to detect, constantly changing, and seemingly borderless. Also known as cybercrime, the US is attacked on a daily basis with this violation both locally and abroad. The crimes committed can include stealing proprietary secrets, fraud, national security breaches and most commonly, identity theft. As recorded in the 2009 Internet Crime Report, 336,655 cybercrime complaints were received in 2009 amassing a total loss of $559.7 million (“2009 Internet Crime Report,” 2009). Individuals, corporations and government entities are responsible for safeguarding information against these attacks. This would require laws, penalties and foreign policy to be created and upheld, the responsibility of which would fall on the US government.
Cyber-attacks against the United States from a foreign country provide a strong case for cyber security mandates. Recently the US was victim to a known active perpetrator, China. The Report to Congress for the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission reveals government counterintelligence officials believe China to be one of the most aggressive countries targeting the US. They also indicated that economic and national security secrets are specifically being targeted (“2009 Report to Congress,” 2009).
These publicized cyber-attacks indicate a need for mandated cyber security controls. The stability of the US trade economy is threatened continuously by the constant bombardment of cyber-crime. The government mandate of security controls should require that every government, corporation and individual adhere to a basic set of mechanisms, which would also be directed by the government. However, these controls should be specified by a committee of inform...

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...ons must move at an equal pace. The current structure for passing and enacting laws is not conducive to rapid-changing environments and internet technologies change on a daily basis. The government is challenged with creating laws that are general enough to apply to many cases, yet clear enough to keep cyber criminals from falling through the cracks.
Individuals, corporations and government entities must consider their awareness regarding cyber security and the controls necessary to keep information and infrastructures secure. There is no single group responsible for the protection of information, trade secrets, intellectual property or national secrets. The security of the nation depends on everyone’s ability to foresee, deter and react to cyber related incidents. Knowledge is key and the main weapon used in the ongoing battle against the world worst cyber criminals.

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