Cutting Humanitarian Aid to Somalia Essay

Cutting Humanitarian Aid to Somalia Essay

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Cutting humanitarian aid by the United States significantly effected Somalia and aid organizations. This unfortunate but necessary decision had to be made because of fear aid was going into the wrong hands. Al Shabab, an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist organization, who wages global Jihad and vows to attack the United States (U.S.), played a key role in the halt of humanitarian aid to Somalia. This organization is a threat to the U.S., National Security, Somalia and its neighboring countries. In order for humanitarian aid to resume by the U.S. and its allies, al Shabab needs to be eliminated from the region.
Somalia has been torn by years of conflict since the collapse of its government in 1991. Today, the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) backed by the United Nations (UN) and allied forces has been appointed to run Somalia. This has been challenging due to opposition from al Shabab, an anti-Western Islamic militia, who feel they should be in control of Somalia. TFG mainly occupies Northern Somalia while al Shabab controls the South-Central regions. Fierce fighting amongst the government and militia continues as al Shabab attempts to gain control. “The group also has a well-trained and well-armed militia that includes hundreds of foreign fighters, including dozens from the U.S. and Europe. It has conducted sophisticated terror attacks, including twin car bombings, on its targets inside Somalia” (Harnisch, C. 2010). As the humanitarian aid crisis grew worse, the country’s worst drought in years settled in causing famine, while the U.S. cut humanitarian aid. Al Shabab took advantage of this opportunity to further establish them as a legitimate, well-structured organization capable of stepping in as a government. “Tragicall...

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...come a larger threat, especially to National Security. In order for the people of Somalia and aid organizations to live free and operate without hardship, the U.S. government and its allies must act swiftly to remove al Shabab. U.S. must ensure Somalia and its adjoining countries that reside in the Horn of Africa do not become a safe haven for terrorist organizations, such as al Qaeda. Al Shabab will continue to grow stronger and pose a greater risk to the people of Somalia, aid organizations and the U.S. if not eradicated.

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