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Cut, By Patricia Mccormick Essay

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Thesis—The award winning novel, Cut, written by Patricia McCormick has been challenged worldwide in many educational systems because it has been proven to be extremely triggering for all ages, especially young adults, and includes harsh themes. Although some readers may agree with this, Cut is actually a very moving and life-changing book. This novel helps others better understand mental illness’, encourages teens to seek help and talk about inner hidden thoughts, and creates a both unique and strong connection with others battling demons screaming within their bodies. This takes them closer to shore and further from the distant island of isolation and loneliness they are too familiar with.
I. Summary
a. Fifteen year old Callie must face her addiction with self-harm.
b. This girl is sent to a mental hospital with others dealing with similar issues.
c. Although she is mute at the beginning of the novel, Callie learns to talk openly and begins recovering as the pages are turned.
II. Why has Cut been challenged?
a. This novel is very triggering.
1. Cut is very graphic and detailed.
2. Callie talks positively about cutting and self-destructive behaviors.
3. There was a case involving a girl who cut herself after reading this book.
b. Harsh themes spill on every page of Cut.
1. Cut frequently talks about bulimia, anorexia, suicide, self-mutilation, substance and drug abuse, schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression.
2. Patricia McCormick goes in depth when describing how Callie cuts herself and the reasoning behind these actions.
III. What are the benefits of Patricia McCormick’s Cut being taught worldwide?
a. Within these pages others can better understand mental illnesses.
1. This book shows readers how those that a...

... middle of paper ..., self-harm, suicidal thoughts, behavioral issues, and drug abuse. Callie is a mouse, a brick wall, a winter evening. Upon her arrival, Callie refuses to communicate with anyone, including her therapist. As Debbie, Becca, Tara, Amanda, Sydney, and Tiffany are open books during group therapy, Callie begins her journey to recovery. As she sees Amanda showing the other patients her scars and talking freely, she becomes motivated and accepts the reality of the destruction she has done to herself both mentally and physically. Callie McPherson leaves the dark red and progresses towards shining yellow as she begins to visit her therapist more frequently, befriends the girls, and looses communication with these metal objects. Callie also “comes up with a way to deal with feelings that she finds overwhelming. Overwhelmingly bad, overwhelmingly frightening” (McCormick, 77).

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