Customer Success Is A Necessity Essay

Customer Success Is A Necessity Essay

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Customer success is a necessity.

For your SaaS business to survive, your team must focus on solving the consumer’s problem.

Lincoln Murphy, founder of Sixteen Ventures, defines it even better: “Customer success is when your customers achieve their desired outcome through their interactions with your company.”

So, how are you serving your customer? What keeps them satisfied with your solution?

Customer success isn’t a lonely department. It should be engrained in every employee’s position. Work with your entire team to fully engage your customers and to add more value at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Let’s explore the role of customer success.

It Takes A Village
Justification is one hurdle for associated with customer success. Senior management will be concerned about allocated specific resources to new responsibilities.

The question is usually the same: Is this worth the expense?

Despite reluctance, the answer should be yes.

At the 2015 Gainsight Pulse conference, Jason Lemkin noted that “[c]ustomer success is where 90% of the revenue is.” Therefore, it’s important to stress the power of customer success to your team.

Think of customer success as a long-term strategy. It should focus on how every team member can help customers reach their goals.

The image below depicts hows Mike McKee of Rapid7 structures his customer success team. It shows how the company “sells a contract, deploys its software, engenders adoption and expands accounts.”

Avoid pinning customer success to one particular team. Prepare everyone to take part in the customer’s journey.

Sarah Brown, growth marketer at ServiceRocket, suggests investing early in customer success:

“There’s no such thing as too early for starting to define a Custo...

... middle of paper ...


Trainings should provide real-world examples and scenarios on how to approach different situations.

“Know your ideal customer. Communicate with your ideal customer. Understand what that customer wants, and track whether or not they’re getting it. Then, help them get more of it,” says Nichole Elizabeth DeMere, a SaaS consultant and customer success evangelist.

In the end, everyone on your team should understand the value of customer success and its purpose.

Customer Success At Every Level
How your SaaS approaches customer success matters. Everyone in your company plays an integral part in ensuring that consumers achieve their desired outcome.

Entice prospects with content that captures their needs. Help your customer reach their goal with your product. And Improve your services by encouraging ongoing customer feedback.

Customer success-a team effort.

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