Customer Service For Retail Store Essay

Customer Service For Retail Store Essay

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Customer Service in retail store
TOPIC –1 CUSTOMER EXPECTATION AND PERCEPTION IN ORGANISED RETAIL SECTOR.Name of the author – Dharmesh Motwani.Year - 2012 – 13, Volume – 2.ISSN 2277-1166.Page – 145.

Observation – In this competitive world, retailers needs to ensure that quality services are delivered to retain the customers and improve the services as per the customer convenience, accordingly strategy must be developed. To attract more customer retail sector must be well organized as there is personal interaction and physical aspects involved that affects customer perception and if customer are happy they are satisfied with services. To sustain in this global economy, retailers have to develop new strategies. Retailers must know to persuade their customer and this is possible by building trust and confidence among them. Therefore retailers must be well-versed with the products and services offered in stores. Retailers need to understand the requirement of customers also show empathy towards them , handle the customer’s complaints and meet their expectations by delighting them. The growing speed of this sector has enhanced the neck to neck competition between the retail players so to sustain & enhance the market share they are trying to keep customers more happy & satisfied. SERVQUAL model was followed and the various parameters followed are reliability of the product, responsiveness of customer towards the product, assurance of quality, tangibility. The organized retail outlets provides the better quality in terms of service, product variety as compared to the unorganized retail store. Many of the customers are satisfied with the quality of service provided by the organized retail outlets. Finally, it was shown that retail o...

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...ovision store, hand-made cart etc. This sector constitutes about 98% of the total retail exchange.FDI in the retail sector is expected to shrink the employment in the unorganized sector and expand that in the organized one. Retailers must showcase the value they are offering. Firms will need to proactively review and the sales composition, branding, logistics system and price structure to cope with pressures from powerful retailers. Retailers are not only concentrating in adding value but for the future growth as well. Beside this, customer are more satisfied with the personalized shopping event which requires a detailed study of individual consumer behavior. The retailers should continue to benefit from the cost advantage and the variety they offer to the customers.Lastly unorganized sector needs to improve their way of offering for sustainability and profitability.

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