Customer Service Beliefs That Can Hurt Your Business Essay

Customer Service Beliefs That Can Hurt Your Business Essay

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Having a yearly appraisal helps to show your employee through your point of view as a manger, how you believe they are excelling in their job, or areas that require improvement. With your employee knowing area’s they need to improve in, they can work on that next year. This will not only help them increase their productivity, but it will help with moving up in their career.
The question we have to ask ourselves why we need appraisals. ("Customer Service Beliefs That Can Hurt Your Business." Small Business. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Aug. 2016. ) “Performance evaluations benefit both employee and employer. It is a time to provide feedback, recognize quality performance and set expectations for future job performance. It is also a time to have candid conversations about performance that is lacking and how performance can be improved. Ongoing performance discussions can assist in avoiding serious problems in the future. “Getting feedback from your manager can be an important step to your career.
A In this case we have a college that has administrators who just rank there secretaries excellent all around to give them the maximum raise they would receive. In my opinion this not the best way to rank you secretaries because you are not holding them liable for anything, and the secretaries would just expect to get the maximum raise every. When you employees don’t have anything to stride in they are most likely going to just do the minim work , because they know at the end of the of day the day they are going to still get the maximum raise. In my opinion the administrators are in the wrong because they are being the leaders they need to be with the secretaries to help them with moving up in their careers.
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...period of time. Like I said with the have the ranking system you are putting your administrators liable for the appraisals they are giving each year and not pencil whipping it and giving them max yearly raise. With having ranking system in place this would be more of eye opener for the secretaries and would help them understand their job and the importance of their job and hopefully that would help the turnover rate when the change in process would go into effect.
Appraisal process is just not yearly raise you get it is a conversation that you and your manager have about your performance and areas that you excel in and areas that you could improve. Getting your appraisal could be the breaking point of helping you manger your career and moving up in your company. This is why you have to have set and fair process put in place when it comes to the yearly salary.

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