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Customer Service at Southwest Air Essay

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As the project management triangle states, “do you want something done good, cheap, or fast?. Pick two!” That had been the constraints applied to many businesses until the launch of Southwest airlines in the mid 1960’s. Southwest managed to break free of the management triangle and offer safe (good), low cost (cheap), and timely (fast) air service in Texas and eventually across the United States. From the beginning, the company’s staff and management shared these goals, and developed a foundation on which to build the business. Visionary leaders Rollin King, Herb Kelleher, Colleen Barrett and other early leaders at Southwest, proved that there is no more competitive advantage than a dedicated, loyal work force. Her Kelleher’s transformational leadership style was just what the new airline needed to be successful, and motivate the staff of SWA to do what no other airline had done before: offer cheap, short distance, no frills air service, and make a profit doing it.
We have all heard the phrase, time is money, and for the airline industry this is literally true. Herb Kelleher knew that corporate management needed to be as unobtrusive as possible to allow for the quick turning of planes at the gate. He also realized that an open climate of communication, and decentralized day to day decision making, would motivate employees towards a shared goal of accomplishing this task. Employees viewed themselves as part of the team and by working together they would ultimately produce greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. At Southwest, employees experienced a high degree of work motivation, satisfaction, and performance as defined in McGregor’s theory Y. Employees at SWA were able to perform a variety of skills, and had a degree of au...

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...s a Cooperative Extension agent, I am required to wear many hats throughout the course of the day. One minute requires expertise in family and consumer science subject matter, the next diplomacy with co-workers or administration. But just like Southwest, customer service is at the core of what I do. And as such, Extension has a strong commitment to the community we serve and the staff we work with. Many time Extensions staff can be heard referring to each other at the Extension family. Our culture, while not as quite as cohesive as Southwest, is based on many of the same principles and values.

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