Customer Satisfaction on Whitening Soap Among Students at University of Mindanao

Customer Satisfaction on Whitening Soap Among Students at University of Mindanao

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One of the most notable challenges in today’s business operation knows the behavior of clients and how they are being satisfied under risk provision value choices. This work is grounded on the evaluation of the information being collected from surveys, consultations and other references regarding the matter.
As of today, there are many different whitening soap products available in the marketplace. Over the years, our skin becomes dry and damage, especially when we turn to the Middle Ages. Even the young can also experience damage skin by constant exposure from the sunlight. Most people could really hard to rich their original skin from damage. (Martina Geste, 2012).
In the Philippines, Filipino’s level of satisfaction is being increased because a lot of whitening product was being marketed. Filipino consumers seem to be prudent in purchasing an item.
In Davao City, Ms. Grace Fernandez a whitening soap users of a prominent whitening brand buys affordable price with the same content of the expensive toll. Agreeing to her she’s being satisfied with the effects of the product. This strategy recognized the level of satisfaction of minimum wage earners.
The researcher being inclined is studying the level of consumer satisfaction on whitening soap, particularly in CBAE student of the University of Mindanao. This takes some of the elements of external and internal influences that affect whitening soap users identified as effectiveness, availability and affordability. These are the factor that can be taken into consideration when coming up with new and improved models. It is trusted that through this study, dealers and retailers will be able to interpret the motivations of the whitening soap users to address the demands of the grow...

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...competitive brand even a greater one.
Another author added that consumers can also compare numerical characteristic information faster and more easily than they can compare verbal information. (M. Viswanathan and Sunder Naranayan, 2013).
Repetitively, consumer products or services are found to be rivalry against each other in the market place; this usually leads to problem of choice for the consumers’ who has to select out of available another product. (Adetayo, 2008).
However, the amount, quality, and format of the information can shape the decision making strategy that consumers use. When a consumer has more information, the decision gets more complex, and the consumer must apply a more detailed decision making strategy, such as the multi attribute choice strategyhaving more information will lead to making a better choice only up to point. (Jacoby, 2013).

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