Essay Customer Satisfaction on CD R King Products in Davao City

Essay Customer Satisfaction on CD R King Products in Davao City

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Significance of the Study
The research benefits the following:
The customer – This study is not only for the benefits of the company who are selling the products, but also this is important to the customer. The study aims an informative feedback from the customer relating to their awareness of buying and using products of the CD R King.
CD R King employees– The research proposes a partial fulfillment to the CD R King employees because the company can gather data from the research that would help them understand the consumer behavior and satisfaction through their given feedbacks on the surveys. This would be guided to them so that the company will be getting an idea and apply some adjusting to what the customer suggest.
Future Researcher – It would be a better help for the students to their research that is similar to this. The study gives a complete and detail thoughts that assure the guide and references to pursue on their research

Definition of Terms
In this study there are words or terms which are used as an important key words. In order to have a clearer understanding of these keywords each terms are defined as:
Quality. The group of features and characteristics of a saleable good which determine its desirability and which can be controlled by a manufacturer to meet certain basic requirements. Most businesses that produce goods for sale have a product quality or assurance department that monitors outgoing products for consumer acceptability.
Price. No matter what type of product will sell, the price you charge your customers or clients will have a direct effect on the success of your business.
Satisfaction.. is a person's feeling of pleasure or disapp...

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Indicators Educational Attaiment f p value F cure Decision on Ho
PACKAGING College 4.12 1.19 0.79 2.39 accept
College 4.08 0.37 0.83 2.39 accept

PRICE College 4.32 2.20 0.07 2.39 accept
The T-test was used to determined if there were significant difference in the customer’s satisfaction on CD R King products when respondent were grouped according to their Educational attainment. The indicators of the customer’s satisfaction on CD R King products measured to determine if there were significant difference in terms of packaging the t-test of 1.19 shows that there were no significant difference exist. In terms of quality the t-test value of 0.37 shows that there were no significant difference exist. Futher in terms of price the t-test of 2.20 shows that there were no significant difference exist.

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