Customer Satisfaction And The Service Quality A Company Bears Essay

Customer Satisfaction And The Service Quality A Company Bears Essay

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Customer satisfaction has always been one of the key elements allowing determining the service quality a company bears to its customers
So, companies need to measure, evaluate and come up with some strategies allowing continuing pleasing each of their customers
As strategies, companies have to set the right expectations in the mind of its customers and deliver the set expectations. Non pleased clients are inclined to tell more to their friends about their bad experiences than telling about their good or satisfying experiences. Jan Carlson was well known for his concept of delighted customers and his idea was the following; rejoice customers by outdoing their expectancy should make the customers come back for your products or services and put positive word toward your firm.
The setting of the right expectancy in the minds of customers depends of the advance purchase communications the seller has. If the expectations are set too low, customers will buy your products or services. But if the expectations are set really high, the company runs the risk that buyers will be unhappy. There is a common expression saying “under promise and over deliver.” In other words, the right move is to set consumers’ forecast really low and later set the bar high like that when the seller would exceed the customers hope in order to create a pleased one who would be enthusiastic about the products or services. A seller expects that happy customers will tell their friends about the seller’s products or services. Consequently, positive words would be spread about the company. One of the customer satisfaction strategies that came out of Carlson’s idea of delighted customers is to give responsibility to personnel dealing directly with customers. Personnel de...

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...vice quality and customers are more likely to criticize the service that has rendered to them. Low power distance service sellers are kind and cross the limit of seller to customer, meaning the seller and customer conversation is friendly and personal, which may be seen as improper for customers from high power distance cultures.
The Americans also appreciate the genuineness of service as another factor that is important factor. Tipping is relatively prevalent in the United States. The amount of tip is consistent with the service assessment. In the USA, the quality of service is sometimes measured by how much tip customers leave at the end of the service
Now, the power distance dimension is almost inexistent because people think in the low context cultures that everyone needs to be treated equally.
the information contain in this paper review were collected through

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