Essay on Customer Retention : Marketing And Marketing Specialist

Essay on Customer Retention : Marketing And Marketing Specialist

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Today’s economy is all about customer retention.

Businesses want their customers to stick around and continue to purchase their products. For this to happen, marketers must strive for more customer engagement.

Research shows that “87% of consumers who interacted with a company daily feel loyal to that company.” People want to know how your business works.

“Customers are essentially not going to just be demanding conversations with brands, but in effect setting the agenda for these conversations. We’re already seeing this, but it’s going to become deafening,” says Jeffrey Rayport, a renowned ecommerce and marketing specialist.

Quality customer engagement strengthens brand loyalty for your business. Here are five strategies to get you started:

1. Focus on acquiring data
Data is vital in understanding your target market. Data-drive strategies helps your team move your business in the right direction.

Start by learning your customers’ habits to build real loyalty, not repeat visits. Collect data from website activity, social media interactions, and purchasing history.

For example, session replays make it possible for you to monitor actual customers on your site. By recording every user action, you’ll spot usability issues and friction points.

With that knowledge, your team can customize content, improve service, and even redo shopping carts. This all transforms into better customer engagement.

Below is an example from Salesforce. The company posts a simple poll on its website. And interested customers can even review the results.

Image Source

More importantly, don’t rely on outdated information. Continue to update your data to remain current in the field.

“Most new brands conduct extensive consumer research before la...

... middle of paper ...

...h Fix uses customer profiles to build unique clothing selections. Then, these hand-selected wardrobes are sent to the buyer’s home.

Image Source

Studies reveal that “97% of consumers said they are somewhat likely to become more loyal to a company that implements their feedback.”

Personalization thrives on the voices of the customer. So, don’t forget to take their ideas and suggestions into consideration.

Send brand advocates customized messages and promotions. Tailor the shopping experience to fit their lifestyles.

Ignite Brand Loyalty
If you’re seeking more brand loyalty, try engaging with your customers. Your interactions may lead to higher customer retention.

Acquire data to learn about consumers. Share relevant posts on social media networks. Skip boring content, and aim to educate and entertain your audience.

Engage with customers. Fuel brand loyalty.

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