Customer Relationship Management Objectives, Strategy, And Tactics Of Kroger

Customer Relationship Management Objectives, Strategy, And Tactics Of Kroger

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This paper discusses Customer Relationship Management objectives, strategy, and tactics of Kroger, Inc. Kroger, founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883 and currently operates over 2500 supermarkets in more than 30 states. Managing customers is top priority for this company and is much of the reason it is the top grossing supermarket chain in the country.
From the very beginning, Kroger worked to please customers. He believed in never selling anything that you yourself, would not buy and set out satisfy customers and provide goods and services that were needed in the Cincinnati area. In those humble beginnings, Kroger invested his life savings of $372 and due to his commitment to what we now call Customer Relationship Management techniques, grew to the multi-billion dollar chain that it is today.
Walk into any Fred Meyer’s/Kroger/Safeway store in the country and you will be met with bright lights, friendly smiles, and shelves stocked with enticing quality goods. The legacy left behind of the son of merchant who had selling in his blood, is one of tradition, of low prices, of meeting the needs of those who need them.
Kroger’s objective was simple; provide goods and services at a price that customers can afford and do it ethically, and with a smile. This strategy has built a loyal brand following of most of America. This writer shops regularly at Fred Meyer (Kroger), and has experienced first-hand, the relationship building strategies of the commercial giant.
One of the very first customer retention strategies that Kroger used was the implementation of the bakery and meat department. He found that he could bake bread at better quality and a lower price to offer his growing customer base. He was also the first grocer to ...

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...sumer to shop from the convenience of their home, submit an order, and pick it up at their local store. Perhaps they can develop ways to allow customers to contact them via text or Facebook in order to receive assistance in product offerings, warranties, or loyalty card issues. Perhaps they can expand the loyalty card program that will allow consumers to enjoy pre-loaded coupons in order to maximize savings and create a more intimate interaction with the store, allowing them to build an even stronger relationship bond.
Kroger provides a strong business model that even small companies can follow. Kroger began with $327, and while startup costs in today’s market are significantly more, it does not take away that the American dream is still alive and well and with perseverance, commitment, and a strong customer focused business model, success is just a side effect.

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