Customer Relationship Management ( Crm ) Program Essay

Customer Relationship Management ( Crm ) Program Essay

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Previously, customers could not influence the affairs of a business. Hence, information was only transferred from management to the lower order staff in an organisation, thus allowing brands to have complete control of the information that was in the public domain. However, in the present society we live in today, customers can influence many aspects of a business. With the advent of social media, information about a business and its affairs can be transferred easily across a nation or even across borders. The type of information being communicated with the world can determine whether a business would be successful or a failure in the future. Knowing this, companies strive to implement procedures and mechanisms to ensure that good word of mouth is spread throughout the public. One such mechanism companies implement is the use of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program. Customer Relationship Management can be defined as, “the initiation, enhancement and maintenance of mutually beneficial customer and partner long-term relationships through business intelligence generated strategies based on the capture, storing and analysis of information from all customer and partner touch points and transaction processing systems.” One such form of Customer Relationship Management a company employs is Collaborative Customer Relationship Management. This form of CRM, uses customer feedback to benefit the business, products and services. This research paper aims to discuss the methods and tools of customer collaboration, that are used both internally and externally.

Internal Collaboration
Internal collaboration occurs when employees transcend boundaries, and work together in cross-unit teams. Internal collaboration along...

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...oes not happen again. One of the leading business that use social media internationally is Amazon. Amazon currently uses majority of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Each of these social media accounts are followed by millions of individuals worldwide. As days goes by, Amazon frequently post information to their respective social media pages about products and its affairs. Every one of these post generates some sort of positive or negative feedback. Locally, businesses such as Caribbean Airlines and Bmobile have been using social media to generate customer feedback. The local companies strive to recreate the same experience of the international companies such as Amazon. As such these two companies can be found on a multitude of social media platforms whereby, they try to use customer feedback to benefit their business and services.

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