Customer Contact, Our Support Call Center Essay

Customer Contact, Our Support Call Center Essay

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The ability for the customer to interface with the company would be throughout the customer relations portals on the website; we have everything from instruction manuals and support videos to help show the customers how to fix their potential issues. The fact is, customers search, make buying decisions, solve problems, look for self-service options and get to know businesses through the content and information about them on the web (Since). Next we would suggest that the customer contact, our support call center. Garmin currently employs around 700 customer support specialist around the globe in order to better assist our customers. Currently in the United States, we have 6 locations around the United Sates to ensure that there are minimal waiting times and also specific knowledge base employees to support specific segments of business. In addition to this Garmin also host training seminars, this has been well received by customers of Garmin, due to the complexity of some of the product’s that are offered. In the fitness and marine segments of the company, our regional sales group offers training session to better understand the complexities of the products. Overall technology has positively added value to customers that interact with Garmin. At this present point I would recommend to have one location that offers all of the benefits above. The current solution is capable with the help of multiple different sites. Many employees and customers get confused on where to go to get answers. Identifying a technology platform that would give the company to consolidate this approach would be better than the bolt on approach that they have taken.
Another opportunity for Garmin is to adapting technology to the customer relations...

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...nd messages, you can also set up conference calls or video conferences with other offices around the world. This has become increasingly important for me when working on a global marketing campaign that affect multiple of our international offices.
An opportunity for additional communication within Garmin would be to create an internal social media site. This is an emerging trend in keeping departments in constant communication without having the stress of working. Imagine Facebook without the political and tales of misbehaving, what would it look like in a business setting. The tone is decidedly businesslike, as employees exchange messages about customer orders, new products and closing deals (Kopytoff). This solution would not replace many of the existing tools for communication such as Microsoft SharePoint and this would not be a replacement for meetings.

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