Customer Choices for Memory Essays

Customer Choices for Memory Essays

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In the advanced society, peoples are more familiar to computer, cell phone, camera, laptop, music player, and a wide range of digital application devices. Customers always have a large demand for data storage capacity and fast data sharing. In order to full fill a large variety of application with millions of demanding features, customers are using three basic types of storage application:
1. Magnetic storage
2. Semiconductor storage
3. Optical disc storage
Optical storage application is one of the most prominent one in the race of memory application. Several standards of optical storage disc are available today: CD, DVD (read only storage), CD-R, DVD-R (write once storage), CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM (write and erase). Due to the demand for storage capacity, novel concepts for low-cost, high-speed and high-density data storage are developed. To full fill the demands, new standards are currently emerging with the Blu-Ray disc and HD DVD. This advancement in technology in optical storage memory from CD (470MB)-DVD (4.7GB)-Blu-ray (25GB) has a great impact on s...

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