Customer Assistance Hardware Solutions Essay example

Customer Assistance Hardware Solutions Essay example

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In our fast driven society fueled by technology, businesses small or large have to process huge amount of customers within a limited time. Processing customers ranging from customer assistance, product or service information and discounts, transactions, or for interaction through social media. Developing a hardware solution that will remedy most of the key problems that relates to the customers, social media and marketing.

‘Pharos’ main functionalities is to address all customer related concerns such as mitigating the queuing up in shops, providing real time discount to customers and assisting shopping lists. It also provide other miscellaneous functionalities running parallel to its main function such as data collection that can be used for marketing, it can provide GPS like functionalities that allow smart phones in its range to pick up its transmission and figure out its location accurately, all by using the Bluetooth functionalities within the phone.

In our fast driven society fueled by technology, businesses small or large have to process huge amount of custom...

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