Essay on Custom Built Computers

Essay on Custom Built Computers

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With the new technology coming out each and every day it may be the time to upgrade to a better computer. Now the question is whether to buy a pre-built computer or start from scratch and build a custom one. Even though there are many good pre-built being sold today, custom building a computer is better because it saves the user more money in the future, builders will have the ability to choose components that go in the computer, and it avoids many of the foolish tricks that manufacturers pull off. Many gamers and photo/video editors use custom built computers due to the fact that man pre-built computers lack the performance components needed for the task. Custom built computers will ensure the user cheap prices and a higher performance.
The total price of a custom built computer may be higher than buying a pre-built computer, because the price of a pre-built is usually cheap because most OEM’s, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, install components that work regardless of quality. When one of those components fails, it is up to the user to find a certified computer repair shop or will have to ship it back to the manufacturer for repairs. Many repair shops charge as much as $80 just for labor, which does not even include the cost for the required components. “A part that may cost $10.00 for a custom built computer could easily cost over $50.00 from the OEM.” (White) A total repair bill could cost more than $100 for only one repair. When doing a computer build, there may be old components lying around, which could be put to use in the new build avoiding the cost of buying a new one. The total price of the system is based on how the user wants the computer to run or look like when it is all finished.
When building a computer, th...

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