Cursive Writing : The Missing Piece Of Education Essay

Cursive Writing : The Missing Piece Of Education Essay

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Cursive Writing: the Missing Piece of Education
Cursive writing, good old script penmanship in flowing strokes with the letters joined, is causing an argument about whether Common Core curriculum should implement cursive writing. Although California and several other states have been applying the cursive instructions in their curriculum, some states look forward to the collapse of it. As a matter of fact, people nowadays prefer the use of printing style because it is more legible than cursive. Educators acknowledge that cursive writing activates different parts of the brain and also has an effect on improving the academic development. To add new strategies and new skills to the public schools ' standards, the removal of unimportant stuff is necessary; furthermore, it helps free the path and leaves the spots for skills that are more useful and meaningful. As an effort to balance out the curriculum, cursive may be abandoned, yet some adults are still using cursive in their communications. Parents think that everything schools teach can be identified as essential skills which are important for young people, and cursive writing is a tradition skill that needs to be kept. However, the process of changing and replacing is not so complicated.

I wholeheartedly support the idea of adding cursive writing as a core curriculum because it can also be used as a useful knowledge baggage; moreover, the advantages are remarkable. Cursive writing allows you to learn more valuable things. To illustrate, in order to learn to read and write in cursive, I spent lots of time during my intermediate school years to study and practice it from many resources: the Internet and some related books. While practicing, I figured out an amazing and surpri...

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...take while taking notes, the student then has to continue with the flow and finishes writing the whole lesson first before looking back to fix the error. Also, if your career is something like a journalist or an interviewer, which you have to observe and catch every action from an event or catch every word during a conversation to gather information, cursive, in this case, can be very helpful as well. Since all the materials you have are a pen and paper to write stuff down, cursive will give you the ability to write way faster and won 't miss much detail as a comparison to using printing letters. To summarize, mastering cursive writing or penmanship have some excellent advantages that allow you to be more far-reaching and progressive from many different areas. I hope that one day, cursive writing will be one of the essential curricula of all public schools standards.

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