The Curse From Act Four Essay

The Curse From Act Four Essay

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Many acts from the Recognition of Sakuntala are important in understanding the play in its entirety, for example the curse that was placed on Sakuntala. The curse is a major part in the climax of the play, King Dusyanata forgetting and disclaiming Sakuntala and her unborn child. By explaining the curse from act four shows how it contributes to the play in more than one way. Also, how it helps understand the play in more depth.

After Sakuntala and King Dusyanata secret marriage is performed, she is preoccupied by the thoughts of herself and her new husband. As a result of her mind being elsewhere, a great sage, Durvasas, curses her because she didn’t tend to him as her gift. His curse was, “That man whose brilliance robs your thought of everything…that man, though prompted shall not remember you at all, like a drunken sot, who cannot recall what he said in his cups the night before.” (44) His short temper led to a rash decision since he was not given the proper hospitality from Sakuntala, which was the job assigned by her father Kanva when he left for Somatirtha. (9) A good friend of Sakuntala, Priyamvada tries to help by going after Durvasas to plead him to lift the curse, but was only able to extract a silver of compassion from the sage. The great sage told Priyamvada “I cannot unspeak what I have spoken, but the sight of a memento can lift the curse”. (44) The solution was a memento and the only memento that can do such a thing is the inscribed ring the king gave her.

Even though the curse plays a major part in the play as an entirety, it’s explained hastily in two short pages. Such importance would be thought to have more depth or description to it. The curse is the reason for the king forgetting his love for Sak...

... middle of paper ...

...n the end, the King reveals the ring and tell her that once he saw it the curse was lifted and he recalled who she was. Marica and his wife, Aditi explain the curse that was casted on them by Durvasas. The curse was used as a device to separate and reunite the lovers and the family together.

In conclusion, the curse that was placed on Sakuntala helps the her relationship with the king as much as it hurts, it 's the reason for him forgetting his love for her as well as forcing him recall the memories he shared with her after finding the ring. Lastly it brings the family together, Sakuntala, King Dusyanata and their son in the final act. The title of the play is the Recognition of Sakuntala, because the play revolves around the theme of the king not recognizing his love, the reason for that was because of the curse placed on Sakuntala by the hot-tempered sage.

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