Curry Chicken and Yellow Rice

Curry Chicken and Yellow Rice

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Curry Chicken and Yellow Rice

When I was in high school, I= had many friends whose parents cooked meals containing the ingredient, curry…curry goat, curry desserts, curry stew, curry chicken. One of my friends would invite me = to her home and, almost every time I was there, I could bet on curry being part of= the meal that would be served for the night.&n= bsp; Though I am Hispanic, I decided to make curry chicken for this proje= ct due to the simple fact that I always wanted to know what it was exactly, but had never asked…was it a sauce, a powder, or just spices mixed togeth= er? Where did it originate from? I wanted to find this out for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love my culture’s food, but I want= ed to do something different, learn about another culture other than my own.

The word cu= rry, comes from the English word “kari”, which means sauce. Even so, being that it is an ingre= dient mainly used in India, it does not come as a powder (which is provided to us= in American supermarkets, what I used for my recipe), but rather is achieved by combining a variety of spices, for example, cardamom, poppy seed, nutmeg, coriander, and ginger. By mix= ing these spices, along with approximately 20 others, a “masalas” or combination is made, which varies from one area of India to the next, depending = on the cook. By making this concocti= on of spices, a bright yellow-green and thick sauce is made. It became available to us as a pow= der by way of the British; colonists residing in I= ndia came up with the idea of curry in powder form so as to more conveniently ma= ke Indian-flavored dishes in England. Unfortunately, when made into a po= wder, the flavor is not as enhanced. In addition, the original masalas of spices used in India contain antioxidants wh= ich help protect our cells, allowing them to better fight off heart conditions = and several forms of cancer. Bloo= d flow is also improved, which prevents clotting and diminishes strokes.

Aside from curry= , the rice which accompanies the curry chicken in my recipe, also has great histo= rical/cultural/economical value.

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The first development = of rice is still not accurately known, but this grain has fed so many people on our planet over a longer period of time than has any other crop. The earliest archaeological eviden= ce for domestication of rice was discovered by Wilhelm G. Solheim II in 1966, in <= st1:place w:st=3D"on">Southeast Asia.&nb= sp; It was in Asia, from an early beginning, that the diffusion of rice originated and the process of the distribution of rice started projecting toward all directions of the world&= #8230;now it is cultivated on practically every continent. This cultivation was introduced to= the New World by early European settlers: the Portuguese carried it to Brazil, the Spanish carried it to areas of Central and South America. Around the year 1685, North Americ= a was blessed with the presence of rice when the crop was produced on an island of from a part of what is now known as South Carolina. By the 20th century, rice was produced, as we are familiar with now, in California’s Sacramento Valley.

Olive oil, that is used= to fry this curry dish, has great value in our society as well. Derived from the oil obtained from= fruit of the olive tree, it originally was discovered all around the Mediterranean basin. At first, Phoenicians = grew olive trees in Palestine and Syria; = the Greeks later spread this crop over Mediterranean countries. Thanks to Christopher Columbus introducing it to Am= erica, our society is able to enjoy the convenience and pleasure of the consumptio= n of this oil. In the 18th century, Californian olive oil was commercialized across our country. Olive oil can also be found, in th= is day in age, in China, Japan, and African regions.

Aside from the ingredients presented in curry chicken, it is important to focus on the preparation and domestication of Indian dishes and how they affect women in Indian society…how its pertains to a feminist form of resistance. At present, Indian women are slowly reaching an equal status to men, but for years, they were treated as dramatically inferior to men. To this day, most Indian women spend hours preparing food to better serve their husbands and sons in their family. The best foods are reserved for the males of the household and the w= omen often eat last, after their families are satisfies with their cooking. In the past, these women were even expected to, after waiting for their husbands to finish eating, eat off of their beloved’s dirty plate. <= /span>This is indicative of the role food plays in society and its affects on women, h= ow they nurture their families, and how little they themselves are nurtured in return.

Curry chicken, w= ith all of its ingredients, holds great value in terms of the politics of food. With its global/histori= cal exchange of its ingredients and its reception/preparation of the meal as a whole (and of Indian dishes in general), one can see how this recipe can be interconnected with the act of feminist resistance, or lack thereof. Food in our society is greatly tie= d in with social justice, cultural heritages all around the world, and the roles women and men take on when the preparation of food is concerned. So, what is curry? It is more than an ingredient and = more than a masalas representative of Indian culture…it is evidently a par= t of the root of feminism.

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Ingredients for curry chicken:

- 2 lbs. of whole chicken pieces (legs and thighs)

- 1 tsp. garlic

- 1 tsp. tyme

- 4 tlbs. curry powder (Blue Mountain)

- olive oil—enough to cover skillet

- chicken broth—enough to cover chicken

- 1 potato

- 1 green pepper

- 1 red pepper

- 1 tsp. black pepper

- salt—to taste

Directions on how to make curry ch= icken:

- cut up chicken into chunks or simply separate thighs and legs

- marinate chicken in seasoning (garlic, tyme, curry powder) <= /o:p>

- let chicken sit over night

- place olive oil in skillet, enough to cover bottom of skillet

- add chicken w/ seasoning and 1 potato (cut in chunks)<= /span>

- pour chicken broth over chicken and let cook on low flame

on stove for about a= n hour

- mix/stir

- add salt to taste

- add chopped peppers for decoration

Ingredients for yellow rice:

- 4 cups of whit rice (Canilla brand)

- 4 cups of water

- ½ cup oil

- ½ cup salt

- 2 packets of Sazon (with cilantro and achiote)<= /p>

Directions on how to make yellow r= ice:

- using a cooking rice pot, pour 4 cups rice into pot

- drain rice approx. 2 times with water, so as to

remove some of= the starch

- after rice is totally drained, add 4 cups of water

- then, add oil, salt, and sazon

- mix/stir

- place in rice cooker and cook
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