Curriculum Review for Faith Development Essay

Curriculum Review for Faith Development Essay

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While looking at different curriculums, there is a big importance of looking at the different methods of teaching students to grow faith development. To look at the effectiveness of the different curriculums when coming to teaching the grades from third through fifth grade I reviewed Concordia Publishing House’s “Growing in Christ- Middle Grades” compared to Faith Inkubator’s, “My Bible.” Looking at both of the curriculums, I used how they used the family, technology, and different ways of learning to show which was more effective in teaching students. I believe that Faith Inkubator’s “My Bible” is the more effective curriculum.
When looking at both curriculums they both have an array of strengths within them. Faith Inkubator’s “My Bible” uses visually appealing aspects through their technology. Leaders have a power point prepared for them to teach the lessons on the projector for all the students to see and their parents. Through these power points we see excitement from the kids, which utilizes the use of different learning styles through the use of music and through the “Fink Quizzes”, students are able to get into the quizzes through the curriculum’s use of funny little blurb’s from the characters on the side of the screen. These characters on the side of the power point screen also say facts about the topic that is being addressed. Through the power points students are shown the story of the Bible that they highlight Families are encouraged to be apart of the “My Bible” class with their student to encourage the family aspect of the child’s learning. The curriculum depicts the Bible correctly so that the students can learn and teachers do not have to worry about fixing the theology. The parent and the child are sent h...

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...r teaching the students. So, the use of power point lessons, which also include music and characters helps the students learn and gives the curriculum and edge and a factor that keeps the students engaged in learning. Which helps students be able to have fun while learning which makes the students continue to want to go home and study their Bibles. Even through knowing, that the Bible is theirs encourages the student to take ownership of the material in the Bible, which will help them through life. Lastly, through the graphics technology, and the music, and the use of the quizzes it compasses the ideas of different styles of learning and keeps students with a confidence in what they are learning so that they can leave and know that they are able to understand and learn this. Which encourages students to go on with their knowledge of the Bible for years to come.

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