Curriculum Lessons With Differentiated Instruction Essay

Curriculum Lessons With Differentiated Instruction Essay

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Reflect on your own teaching and describe how you differentiate instruction in each of the three areas that our chapter says can be differentiated. BE SPECIFIC!

The textbook states, “differentiated instruction is (a) not a recipe for teaching, (b) not an instructional strategy, and (c) not what a teacher does when he or she has time. Rather, it is a way about teaching and learning…” I completely agree with this statement, differentiated instruction should occur daily and with every lesson. I have to admit that I did not always understand differentiated instruction nor has differentiated instruction always been reflected in my lessons, but it’s not until recently that I began to strategically design lessons with differentiated instruction in mind.

It’s no surprise that students of the same age and grade may “differ in their readiness to learn, their interests, styles of learning, their experiences, and their life circumstances” Glatthorn p. 463 I find that this is evident the most in physical education, as students have varying degrees of motor skills, athleticism, and knowledge of physical education concepts. The textbook describes three elements of the curriculum that can be differentiated, known as; content, process, and product. Listed below is a detailed example of a plan that is differentiated to meet the needs of all students-In the past I’ve found this lesson to be overall effective as it relates to student differentiation.

The content area for this lesson is physical education and the grade level is fourth grade. The featured unit is ping pong and the class consist of 21 students. The lesson duration is approximately 45 minutes-students meet for physical education weekly.

The textbook states that, “Several el...

... middle of paper ...

...lain rules of the sport. Responses from the students gave me an idea of where students needed to start in the lesson or what skills students should be focused on. Informal ongoing assessments were given during station rotations. I assessed students while they were engaged in the lesson and determined if students were mastering skills and understanding concepts. Assessments also determine if students need additional support or lesson modifications.

As I reflect on my teaching experiences and the readings from chapter 15, I realize that I’m not quite where I should be in terms of differentiated instruction, but I am making progress. The textbook provided four steps to planning differentiated instruction which I found to be clear and helpful, I plan to use these steps along with the three defined areas; content, process, and products this fall while developing lessons.

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