Essay about Curriculum Leadership: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

Essay about Curriculum Leadership: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

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As the campus leader responsible for the planning, use, and supervision of curriculum and instruction, I, based upon the assignments in this course, would address the full range of responsibilities I would have and would be able to offer teachers a multitude of strategies to ensure that the curricula is challenging, relevant, taught, and tested. This role of responsibility would require comprehension of the various facets of education involving administration, educators, and most especially students. Additionally, as the curriculum leader, it will be necessary to remain knowledgeable about scientific-based principles and practices and how to successfully implement them.
Covey (1989) stated, "To begin with the end in mind means to start with a clear understanding of your destination" (p. 98). Traditional linear, compartmentalized instructional design lacks the ability to develop greater, in-depth understanding of the students. With the increased rigor of high stakes testing, these methods are simply not effective instructional practices. A more holistic, interrelated curriculum design model for instruction and evaluation can be supported through Understanding by Design, UbD. It begins with a design sequence that involves three stages: 1) begin with the desired results, 2) identify assessment evidence, and 3) develop the learning plan (Wiggins and McTigue, 2005).
In order to identify the desired results of a particular unit of student, I would work to train teachers in establishing what goals should be met, what knowledge and skills should be acquired, and what "big ideas" students should understand. Within a particular lesson or unit of study, teachers will need to determine what evidence will support the rationale that...

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