Curriculum Is The Curriculum As Experience Essay

Curriculum Is The Curriculum As Experience Essay

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Understanding curriculum experiences

The curriculum as experience
What is curriculum? The term curriculum if often misunderstood for “the curriculum”. A formal document stipulating what learning outcomes students ought to achieve. In hindsight, the term curriculum is considerably broad and complex. Blaise and Nuttall (2011) highlight five key concepts in relation to curriculum theory and practise. Firstly, the intended curriculum, what teachers want students to experience (Blaise and Nuttall, 2011, P. 82). The enacted curriculum, what the educators teach. The hidden curriculum, what students learn without teachers realising. The null curriculum, what teachers do not want students to learn (Blaise and Nuttall, 2011, P. 82). Lastly, the lived curriculum, which is what the students actually experience. These five concepts sum up the term curriculum as more than just a document or what ought to be taught. Essentially curriculum is the experience.

The stakeholders
The curriculum, who creates the curriculum? Who other than the students benefit or handicap because of the curriculum? The stakeholders, stakeholders are various members or organizations within society who not only have a say in our education but reap the positive or negative repercussions because of what our students are taught. The stakeholders include various factions or individuals from within our society including, the government, the business community, parents, students, teachers and the higher educational agencies. Different factions expect different values or educational outcomes achieved. It is important to understand because of the stakeholders that the curriculum is not only a context that is a part of the social, political and the economic structures of society...

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...ents to a positive and fulfilling education.
Interpreting the curriculum is an important part of an educator’s role. I now understand that each teacher’s philosophy and pedagogies not only play a part in who we are as teachers but also reflect how we influence and interpret the curriculum document.
My previous understandings of the construction of the curriculum were that the government of education was solely responsible. I now have a further understanding of the stakeholders in the curriculum; the roles and importance each individual or the factions involved in constructing the curriculum document.
On completing this assignment I have been forced to go back and review my perspective of the curriculum. The curriculum is a personal interpretation, contested notion, reflected by the interests, knowledge, and values of the factions and members of society involved.

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