Curriculum: Context, Analysis, Inclusivity and Design Essay

Curriculum: Context, Analysis, Inclusivity and Design Essay

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Let’s begin with two of the most changeable areas that every politician wants to reform for the better or so they believe. Paulo Freire stated “If knowledge is power then education is political” (Good Reads n.d., online). In fact, they have been at the top of the government agenda since the beginning of the summer (Cambridge Assessment 2013, online). The reforms will depend on several factors, which “in theory” need to be considered before implementing any changes, such as culture, economics, politics and diversity. These areas are education and curriculum.
Dewey once said:” Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself “(Scholastic n.d., online). The sentiment expressed in this quotation, embodies my own view and believes. Education is the process by which human beings acquire the values, knowledge, experience and ways of behaving, allowing them to function in life. It starts the day you are born, until the last day of your life. It even begins before birth, in the mother’s womb. The baby receives stimuli from the mother, the father and the environment. Education happens throughout our lives and it happens formally (School, College, University, etc.) as well as informally (Developed in the community, the church and other institutions of society).
On the other hand, Curriculum refers to the set of objectives, content, methodological approaches and assessment techniques that guide teaching and learning processes. In order to successfully develop it, not only the government but also schools, teachers, students, employers and parents must be involved in it (Education 2013, online).
Although I am currently teaching an array of different subjects at three different organisations, I would say my main subject is First...

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