Essay on Curriculum And Grade Level For Said Curriculum

Essay on Curriculum And Grade Level For Said Curriculum

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Curriculum Foundation
Curriculum and Grade Level
The grade level for said curriculum development would be focused on Kindergarten. Kindergarten is the foundation of education and setting a good foundation is the key to achievement. Discipline would need to be implemented into the curriculum to achieve success and knowledge. The curriculum would be divided into six different subject matters including, arts, English language arts, math, physical education and health, science, and social studies. (Collins)
Since students enter into the classroom with all kinds of life experiences and talents the creative curriculum will help them focus and develop fine motor skills. The mathematical curriculum will help them develop set skills like, counting, operational thinking, measurement and data, and geometry. In the physical education and health development this curriculum will help develop, health and safety skills like being aware of how to exercise and what to eat. These set skills will also help students know who to ask for help and seek trusted adults when they need help. Within the science development the curriculum will state that technology will be taught in the guidelines along with critical thinking skills through hands-on, student centered, and inquiry based styles. Social studies development will be centered on historical events and symbols, and national holidays including important people of the past, present, and future. This curriculum will be based on a scaffolding ladder of success where each student will proceed when they have accomplished what is necessary to move forward. (Gettinger)
Instructional Goals
Instructional goals are important when developing a curriculum. Some of the goals within this curriculum will...

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... of having to teach to the test, it is becoming more and more difficult for them to be able to take their time and teach at a higher level.(Lee) With the Bloom’s Taxonomy and asking the questions to make the students think will educate the students on a higher level and make it possible and the outcomes will give great rewards.
The reason behind developing a curriculum for kindergarten is to set goals and achievements. Kindergarten is the beginning to a student’s education. Developing a good solid foundation for educating students is a good way to set students up for life. While other curriculums have certain standards, most curriculums should have one standard in common and that is to have the curriculum where it educates students on real life experiences. A student is only a student for a couple of years, but an adult for the rest of their life.

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